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Mad Science Holster Pocket:Black Stealth

Mad Science Holster Pocket:Black Stealth

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The Mad Science Co Holster Pocket is hand-crafted in Canada and features convenient dual pockets on adjustable suspender elastic straps.

Each Holster Pocket features 4.75"x 7.75" usable pocket space on both sides with our secure overlapping flap design which allows items to be easily placed in the pockets and prevents them from slipping out without the use of snaps or buttons.

In addition to the main outer pocket pouches, the left side of the holster features an extra secure zipper pocket on the inside of the holster. The Right side has a loop for hooking on keys and a pouch to store them. Each harness comes with a small spring hook key ring clasp.

The back panel features an ergonomic cut which contours to the body over the centre of the shoulders and anchors the holster to the body with adjustable suspender straps over the shoulders and under the arms.  

The pockets are made from a black twill (water repellent cordura also available) and features contrast perforated vinyl detailing on the inside pocket flaps and centre back of the holster. The straps are made from black textured 1.5" suspender elastic and adjust with stainless steel sliders and loops.  


Sizing is based off circumference of the chest. Pocket sizes are the same on all holsters. 

Chest Circumference (Inches)                 Recommended Size

          32-36"                                                             1

          36-40"                                                             2 

          40-46"                                                             3

          46-50"                                                             4

          48-54"                                                             5

 *Orders generally take 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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